The Best of Blends

12 oz.

$ 2050

  • Region Africa & Central America
  • Process Washed

Cacao Nib, Tang, Friendship

You've requested and we've delivered! This blend is made up of coffee from Ethiopia and Central America. A fine cup to share with a friend.


12 oz.

$ 20

  • Region Cajamarca
  • Varietal Caturra
  • Altitude 1500
  • Process Washed

Linzer Tart, Molasses


12 oz.

$ 20

  • Region Cauca Inzá
  • Varietal Caturra, Tabi, Bourbon & Colombia
  • Altitude 1800-1900
  • Process Washed

Lemon Cake, Pineapple


12 oz.

$ 1875

  • Country Guatemala
  • Region Los Planes
  • Varietal Typica & Catuai
  • Altitude 1800-2000 Meters
  • Process Washed

Brownie, Citrus, Balanced


12 oz.

$ 1850

  • Region Yirgacheffe
  • Altitude 1900-2150 M.S.L.
  • Process Washed

Stonefruit, Matcha, Floral


12 oz.

$ 20

  • Country Rwanda - Rambagira Women's Group
  • Region Gakenke
  • Altitude 1800-2200 M.A.S.L.
  • Process Washed
  • Varietal Bourbon

Red Wine, Apricot, Vanilla
Across the entire 27,000 square-mile Navajo Nation, there is not a single bike shop. As riders, we understand how essential bikes and bike shops are to society. Whether the bike is used as a vessel for escape, a tool for commuting, or the stallion we ride to explore our world and discover ourselves as individuals. The bicycle moves our lives forward; this experience must be accessible to all.
"Coffee For Bikes" is a Legal Speed Coffee collaboration effort supporting the Silver Stallion Bicycle & Coffee Works Nonprofit "Mobile Ride Center," providing free bicycle repair on the Navajo Nation. The power of the bicycle is absolute, immeasurable, and infinite; it's for everyone. Access to it can be made possible everywhere with programs like this.
This bag's purchase will help support the Mobile Ride Center and its effort to make life on two wheels viable across the Navajo Nation.

& Whatever Mug

12 oz.

$ 18

When we were designing our newest mug, we completed about 90% of the design and then phoned in the last 10%...whatever.

Sip N Rip everything, except the sleeves
Sip N Rip yourself

Sip n’ Rip Long Sleeve

6.0 oz.

$ 30

  • Color Black
  • Style Modern-classic Fit
  • Construction 100% combed ring-spun cotton
    Preshrunk jersey knit
    Rib cuffs

...and don't let a little thing like death get in your way.

Daddy Hat

4.3 oz.

$ 27

  • Size One Size

Our coffee can't fix a bad hair day, but this hat sure can!

Carrot Bolt

$ 1050

We added a little bling to our bolt so you can wear it on the lapel of your blazer, your pajamas, or whatever you're wearing while drinking coffee.

Caffeinated Hare

$ 1050

Rep your favorite coffee roasters with this new enamel pin! We're your favorite coffee roasters, right?!

Speedy Subscriptions

Check it out! We made getting by on your own supply even easier! All you have to do is pick your preferred region and the refuel-rate that best suits your caffeine consumption, and we'll take care of the rest.


Legal Speed Do America

4.3 oz.

$ 25

  • Color White
  • Style Crew neck
  • Construction 100% combed ring-spun cotton
    Set-in collar
    1x1 baby rib

Here lies Beavis. He never scored.

Legal Speed: Origins View

We spend most of our time as touring musicians, while on tour we felt the constant need to burrow into each city in search of local food and finely crafted coffee. The preferred mode of transportation has always been by bike; finding the most excellent local coffee roasters in each city became a sport, and our passion for the dark coffee arts was born.

The name Legal Speed came about on a morning bike ride to a coffee shop in the summer of 2016. That trip quickly turned into a stop at a friend’s tattoo studio where founders Chris & Nick adorned their bodies with the first Legal Speed Tattoos. On the ride back we quickly hashed out the idea behind Legal Speed, and within weeks we had our coffee roaster set up in Southern California and started working on our craft.

We look to help build and caffeinate a community that embraces positivity, creativity, delicious coffee and exploring the world via bike. Legal Speed Coffee is for everyone, and we hope it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Stay Fast. Stay Caffeinated.

– Chris Guglielmo, Nick Ghanbarian, Vern Smith & Daniel Frazier

For general inquiries and wholesale information, please contact us at: